Istria – a historical oasis of positive energy

Istria – a historical oasis of positive energy

A stay in Istria in itself already represents a step away from everyday stress and an escape to a desired peace.

The magical Istrian peninsula on the northern coast of the Adriatic, a marvellous palette of red, grey and white soil, imbued with mystical stories about actual and legendary characters and creatures, soothes, inspires and fills you with energy at the very first touch.


You can enjoy the fertile red Istrian land by walking, running, cycling the many marked trials and routes or even by playing tennis at one of the Istrian tennis courts.

During or at the end of an active day it is good to try Istrian olive oils known for their nutritional and healing properties, which by their outstanding quality are counted amongst the best in the world, Istrian wines or specialities made from truffles revered for their aphrodisiac properties.


Apart from the surface, Istria also pulsates with its underground karst world, where in addition to underground rivers there pass three ley lines – energy streams, which like meridians encircle the Earth and supply it with positive energy. Therefore, it is no wonder that ancient alchemists such as Pietro Bono (Lat. Petrus Bonus), a mediaeval Italian physician and alchemist from the 14th century, author of the work Pretiosa margarita novella from 1330, and the teacher and alchemistDaniel Istranin (Daniele di Bernardo del Pozzo da Capodistria) from the 15th century all worked in Istria.

Hrvoje Serdar

The number of relaxing wellness zones in hotels in Umag, Rovinj, Poreč, Novigrad, Rabac, Buje, Motovun, Brtonigla, as well as Bale, significantly contribute to revitalisation.


Recently declared a European Town of Sports for 2018, Umag was once a favourite summer resort of Roman nobles and today it is known throughout the world for the ATP Croatia Open Umag tennis tournament and for its numerous tennis courts.

During a stay in Poreč, a town over two thousand years which is proud of the Euphrasian Basilica that was listed in UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List in 1997, you can explore the wine and olive oil roads and honey points, as well as enjoy extreme sports such as paragliding, parachute jumps and panoramic plane flights.


Rovinj, who many consider as the most romantic corner of the Mediterranean, is a charming little town filled with harrow streets and little picturesque squares. In Rovinj you can enjoy various active holiday programmes such as sailing, horse riding, diving, kayaking, cycling and tennis.


In the spa resort in Livade, located in the valley of the Mirna river at the foot of the ancient town of Motovun, just 40 or so kilometres from the border with Italy and about 30 kilometres from Poreč, you can be treated with high-sulphur optimally radioactive warm water known about since ancient times. It contains as many as 14 types of minerals and has been scientifically proven as well as in practice to improve the recovery and healing of many illnesses.

Arena, Pula
Ivo Biočina
Arena, Pula

Pula, famous for its monumental Roman amphitheatre, is maintaining and developing the tradition of Croatian hyperbaric medicine, a specific branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of illnesses with the use of oxygen. This is a pleasant and painless process based on the inhaling of hyperbaric oxygen at an elevated pressure in hyperbaric chambers, crucial in providing help to divers as well as in the treatment of open wounds and a whole range of illnesses caused by the lack of oxygen.


Thanks to a geographical favourable location, Istria has also been long-positioned as one of the most important destinations in the field of dental tourism. The dental centres and clinics in Poreč, Rovinj, Pula and other Istrian destinations offer a wide range of high quality services in almost all fields of dentistry.