Mramornica Cave

Mramornica Cave

If you ever find yourself in Northwest Istria and need to take shelter from the summer heat, the Mramornica Cave is the perfect choice for you. The cave is situated near the village of Brtonigla and is one of the largest and most beautiful caves on the Istrian peninsula. The first mention of Mramornica dates back to 1770, when the famous travel writer Alberto Fortis visited and described it. Locals have known about the cave since ancient times, and even prehistoric cultures in Istria used it. Thanks to the trails that have been set up and secured, its exquisite interior can now be explored. The cave consists of a hall that is 93 m long, 51 m wide, and 5 m high at its highest point. Man-made, secure walking trails pass through it, leading any curious visitor deep into its interior and offering a beautiful view even of its inaccessible parts. Its numerous underground halls are covered in colourful stalactites and stalagmites, some over ten metres tall.

During the 30-minute tour, you will walk down a safe tourist trail accompanied by a guide, surrounded by colourful dripstones ranging from dark red to white. The temperature inside the cave measures a steady 14°C, which is why there are five Barrique barrels in the entrance hall used for ageing local wines.


Dive deep into the underground world of the Mramornica Cave and soak up its bright, snowy glow!



Mramornica Cave

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