Barać Caves

Barać Caves

Squeezing into tight spaces inside caves and pits has always drawn the interest of humans. Seeing as some sites were already adapted for visitors a century and a half ago, we can proudly say that Croatia has a long history of visiting speleological sites. In 1892, the Barać Caves were first opened to the public, lending their name to an entire protected area. These famous caves are located around six kilometres east of the village Rakovica, near the Zagreb–Split motorway, just over half a kilometre away from the village of Nova Kršlja. Due to the rough terrain, the Barać Caves are one of the few karst speleological sites of the area that can be accessed. Once you “disappear” into the underground, a whole amazing world will reveal itself to you, generously welcoming you in. An expert guide will take you on a 60-minute walk down an illuminated path among the majestic dripstones, telling you all about its formation that took thousands of years, its geological structure and valuable archaeological finds. They will take you back in time, showing you numerous stone monuments, the ancient habitat of the cave bear, and the spot where a medieval bronze necklace was discovered. For a brief moment, the guide will stop talking, letting you take in the complete silence and darkness, which is a unique experience that will stay with you forever. All of the tours are organised in the company of a guide. There are no specific starting times; they are determined on the spot, based on the arrival of visitors. The waiting times between groups are usually 10 to 45 minutes. The temperature inside the cave rarely exceeds 9 degrees throughout the year, so we recommend wearing suitable clothes and shoes.


Experience nature as it once was, only 20 km from Plitvice Lakes National Park!



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