Veli Brušnjak

Veli Brušnjak

The uninhabited island of Veli Brušnjak lies between Pag and Maun. It is a site ideal for novice divers, but also offers an indescribable experience of marine life to those with more experience. The seabed is covered in sand with the occasional stone wall; pieces of amphorae are to be found in the sand.
Diving tips
The site is reached by boat and dives are at a maximum depth of 6 m.

Marine life
During the day, greater weevers lie concealed in the sand and sea anemones are to be found in the rare colonies of eelgrass. Here a different relationship exists between man and fish. A morsel of food and a Conger eel’s innate curiosity may result in docility and a unique experience. Conger eels will sometimes approach divers even if no food is offered; touching them is a sign of won trust, something that is not commonly encountered in the underwater world.

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Average visibility
N 44 23 37 | E 14 59 57

Main characteristics

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