Lokvarka Cave

Lokvarka Cave

We invite all of those who haven’t had the chance to experience first-hand the beauty of the karst underground of the Dinaric Alps to visit the Lokvarka Cave. The entrance to this geomorphological monument is situated on the slopes of the forest-covered Kameniti vrh hill, about a kilometre east of the village of Lokve in Gorski Kotar. It takes 45 minutes to tour the cave in the company of a guide. Children are allowed entry only if they are accompanied by their parents.


This site has several galleries or levels – the first four are available for the public, while the rest are open only to speleologists due to their inaccessibility. The part that is open to tourists is very attractive; it will give you a chance to reach a depth of 70 m from the steep entrance and admire the beautiful details found in different parts of the cave channels. The galleries are staggered, so walking down the steep steps that connect them is bound to make a strong impression on you. Inside the cave, you will see rifts, cracks, barite veins and other peculiarities.


If you decide to visit the cave during seasons of heavy rains and snowmelts, you’ll get to witness all of the wealth of water in Lokvarka, as water streams down from the cave ceiling, and tiny streams flow through the channels, from the highest levels downwards. The temperature of the cave is a stable 6.5–8°C, which makes visits during the summer truly refreshing.


Your exploration of this beautiful landscape doesn’t need to end when you exit the Lokvarka Cave – there is a host of interesting and eye-catching karst phenomena in and around Lokve. Use this opportunity to visit the Pinora gorge of the Lokvarka stream, the deep karst sinkhole called Kamerkin dol, the natural rock bridges that connect five cave entrances and exits on the slopes of Kameniti vrh hill, the Medvjedi cave notable for the remains of cave bears found in it, and the naturally preserved park forest Golubinjak. The area named Bukovac offers another interesting cave open to the public, the Hirc Cave, but make sure to bring your own light to explore it.


Visit one of the “most beautiful caves of the Croatian karst” and the deepest cave open to the public in Croatia!




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