Baredine Cave

Baredine Cave

In the western parts of Istria, between the towns of Poreč, Višnjan and Tar, just outside the village of Nova Vas and 5 km away from the coast, lies this protected geomorphological natural monument. This is also the first speleological site in Istria adapted for tourism and opened to the public in 1995.


The cave measures 132 m in depth. Its vertical entrance, located 117 m above sea level, offers a view of cultivated olive groves and vineyards that reach all the way to the sea. The cave is illuminated, the path and steps have sturdy railings, and the temperature is a pleasant 14°C.


A man-made, 300 m long pathway leads you through five magnificent halls, down to an underground lake located 60 m below surface. Following the steep vertical entrance, comes the interior of the cave, richly adorned with calcite deposits, stalactites, stalagmites, and dripstone columns in various colours. These create all sorts of interesting and strange shapes, such as a realistic statue of the Virgin Mary, ten-metre-long “drapes”, the shepherdess Milka from Istrian folklore, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or the snowman/torchbearer that has become a symbol of the cave.


The cave can be entered every half an hour in the company of a guide, who will make sure your tour is safe and informative. During your 40-minute tour of the cave, you will learn about its natural attractions, as well as about the legendary love story of a nobleman from Poreč and a beautiful shepherdess from Nova Vas.


A unique aspect of this adventure is seeing the underground fauna first-hand, which includes the olm, a species endemic to the karst regions of the Dinaric Alps.


In addition to the unique experience of the underground world, you can also see the exhibit on old tractors and bread, olive oil and wine, as well as try your hand at speleo climbing at the centre nearby.



Visit the olm’s natural habitat, the Baredine Cave!



Baredine Cave

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