Croatia’s islands are true pearls, lending additional radiance to the natural beauty found along its coast. One such pearl is the island of Mljet whose pristine beauty is simply astounding. It is a peaceful oasis with a stunning undersea world full of wondrous sights that feed the senses. One of the numerous undersea sites that matches the beauty to be found on land is the Zakamenica Crag, located off the island’s south coast, about 150 m from shore. The tip of the crag lies at 8 m.
Diving tips
The site is reached by boat which is anchored in the shallows at depths of 8-15 m. Descent is along the northern side of the crag and to the entrance to the canyon, which is located at 15 m and runs on to a depth of 30 m. The canyon is 40 m long and 15 m wide. Both sides of the canyon abound in crevices and holes. Passing the canyon, the dive continues westwards to a wall that drops to 55 m. Descent is to maximum depth followed by a slow ascent and exploration of the wall.

Marine life
Marine life in the cave is scarce, but outside and on the plateau in the shallows it is abundant – various gorgonians, lobsters and red coral.

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Excellent visibility
N42 45 58 | E17 21 24

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