Kingdom of Feštini

Kingdom of Feštini

Curiosity is a trait most often associated with children and childhood, and it was precisely child’s play and exploration that resulted in naming the cave “Kingdom of Feštini”. The cave is located at the very heart of Istria, in the village of Feštini near the town of Žminj. The story goes that all of the children from neighbouring villages would gather to play in the cave, and when adults would ask them where they were, they would say – in the Kingdom.


According to the locals, the cave was discovered by accident in the 1930s, during the season of planting new vines in the fields, when the bottom of a sinkhole caved in. After WWII the hole was filled in, and only re-discovered in the ‘80s. Today, the cave interior is modified with safe pathways that are about 100 metres long.


The beauty of its various rock formations will take your breath away. Even if you aren’t particularly imaginative, you can clearly make out “the magician’s hat”, “the Tower of Babel”, or the giant “bat’s wing” covered with a branch of the vine roots. The cave itself consists of a single hall in the shape of an irregular oval, measuring 67 m in length, a maximum of 27 m in width, -9 m in depth, and a maximum of 6 m in height. The average temperature of 13–15 degrees will ensure a comfortable and refreshing stay during the summer months.


Put on your hat and become a magician for the day in this underground kingdom!



Kingdom of Feštini Cave

Feštini, Žminj

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