Grgos Cave

Grgos Cave

The Grgos Cave, one of the natural attractions of the town of Samobor, is located 5 km further, at the entrance to the village of Otruševec. It was named after Josip Grgos, who discovered it while digging for stones for lime slaking. It is one of the most beautiful little caves in Northwest Croatia, protected as a geomorphological natural monument due to the rich stone formations. The cave has two halls, it is 30 m long, and measures 19 m from top to bottom. The very thick layers of dripstones and stalagmites on the ground indicate that the cave is relatively old, while the numerous narrow stalactites on the ceiling point to an active process of creating and re-shaping the cave space. This underground structure is significant for its wealth of calcite decorations, and as such represents a valuable element of the Dinaric karst landscape. There is a pathway through the cave, and the cave is illuminated.



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