Glavat is a typical island with a lighthouse and only one of the island groups that lie east of Lastovo. Seen from afar, it resembles a ship made of rock, but is, in fact, a warning beacon for seafarers. According to legend, it was created by the disputing gods of Olympus. Poseidon’s assistant, set the task of deciding which of the islands was the most beautiful: Lastovo, Mljet or Korčula, gazed at them in awe for days and was turned into stone for being indecisive. Today, it is the divers that remain gazing in awe.
Diving tips
The site is reached by boat which is anchored in the shallows. Diving starts at the wall which drops to 70 m and leads to an exploration of the cliff. Divers should beware of prevailing strong currents.

Marine life
Life is scarce on this barren island, except for the occasional lizard; however, the depths tell another tale - lizardfish, wide-eyed flounder – a distant cousin of the sole, the rare and protected venus shellfish, gorgonians, small groupers, stonefish. Permanent residents of this underwater world are saupe, grey mullet and rainbow wrasse. Strong currents help various coral species to thrive, notably red coral.

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Excellent visibility
N42 45 90 | E17 09 10

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Archaeological site
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