Malo jezero

Malo jezero

Rising out of the open sea, the island of Sušac stretches in a north-east direction and is approx. 23 nm from Hvar and 13 nm from Lastovo. A lighthouse, built of stone blocks in 1878 stands on its highest point. Its construction was long and laborious. Sušac is an uninhabited island covered in sparse vegetation; however, its undersea world offers a different vista, one abounding in fish and a variety of marine life nestling in a seascape full of diversity.
The beauty of the symbiosis between land and sea is best seen near a point called Na Žene. Here we find a rocky shore and Malo Jezero, a cave shielded by a 30 m cliff, measuring 24 m in length and extending underwater. At a depth of 18 m, it reveals an entrance to an underwater cave.

Two other entrances exist – one at 23 m, near the seabed, and one near its ceiling at 6-10 m. It is these openings leading on to tunnels that connect the cave and the sea, and the lake is visible from land. The upper entrance is found 6 m above sea level, while the other two are below sea level.

Diving tips
The dive starts at the cliff and the best approach to the cave and the lake is by descending to the seabed and swimming in through the tunnel leading into the lake. Once inside, ascent to the surface should be gradual with exploration of the walls. The spectacle of lights playing off the walls and water surfaces and the sights to be seen upon surfacing are unforgettable.

The ascent continues on towards the opening in the ceiling and a spacious semi-cavern with further exploration and a final ascent. This site is inhabited by a rich diversity of marine life, especially at the cave entrance and in the holes and crevices along the crag that drops steeply into the depths.

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Excellent visibility
N42 45 60 | E16 32 00

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