Toys for Big Boys

Toys for Big Boys

Sailing the Adriatic is the perfect way to spend your holiday regardless of the type or size of your boat. The indented Croatian coastline offers numerous sheltered coves and beautiful ports, so you can visit them all in a small boat, a nice sailboat, or a large yacht. A popular opinion among boaters is that larger boats do not offer the same opportunity to experience nature the way small boats do. This is only partially true, as large boats allow you to use a number of fun “toys” for water activities that will enable you to explore even the most hard-to-reach areas on the Croatian coast. Here are some of the most popular “accessories” you can use in Croatia.

For example, the increasingly popular way to enjoy the view of the coastline is on stand up paddle boards. With a bit of simple training, you will be able to paddle your way into any cove where calm waters allow it. Paddle boards are mostly inflatable, which makes them perfect for small vessels.

There are many other inflatable toys, but those are rather static, as they mostly float alongside the vessel. The most appealing among them are water slides, which are particularly fun for children, if you can spare the storage space.

For those looking for adrenaline-fuelled activities, they can choose between the classic jet-skis (with the mandatory licence), or the alternative motorised surfboards, which are currently trending around the world. Flyboards that hover above the sea using underwater fins, or “foils”, are becoming increasingly popular as well, both motorised and those that use waves for thrust.

Foils are developing rapidly, so if there is a small sailboat on your yacht, check if it is equipped for “foiling”.

Another standard element on large yachts these days are small boats to tow water skiers, wakeboarders, tubes and banana boats, all of which are perfect if you are looking for an activity holiday. If you enjoy these activities, we recommend picking a spot away from other boaters.


Activities above water face a serious challenger in underwater activities. Even if you normally enjoy only freediving, a battery-powered snorkel is an essential part of equipment on any high-end yacht. Serious scuba diving falls within the realm of professional divers, so your best option is seeking an expert with the appropriate level of training to guide you in exploring diving sites.

Ivo Biočina

Finally, sea kayaking is worth mentioning as a way to go on a romantic getaway off the yacht, and spend part of the day completely surrounded by nature.

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Using the equipment available on yachts will enable you to explore the unique Croatian coastline and be in direct contact with its hidden beauty – the finishing touch best suited for your perfect holiday.