Master and the Chef

Master and the Chef

Preparing meals on your own while on the boat will create memorable moments for your guests, while you will have the additional opportunity to enjoy the nature around you, far from civilisation. Although eating at restaurants for boaters is a must if you are sailing through Croatia, cooking your food on the boat has its own special charm. Serving homemade specialities at sunset will add a personal touch to your sailing trip. It certainly has its pros and cons, since a boat is not a home, but we believe that it is definitely worth the effort.


Small boats offer limited space and options for preparing food, so you need to evaluate your options realistically and choose your meals accordingly. On-board cookers on small vessels usually have only two or three gas burners and a gas oven. The usable space of the cooker is significantly smaller than at home, much like the areas used for preparation and chopping the ingredients. However, by properly assessing available resources, you can work wonders.

Boris Kačan
An unspoken rule is that you should make one proper meal on the boat during the day, and spend the rest of your time swimming, sailing, or sightseeing – in other words, enjoying yourself.

We do not consider breakfast or a salad for lunch to be proper meals here, regardless of how elaborate they are; instead we will focus on meals that take more than 15 minutes to cook. We suggest estimating which meal takes the longest to prepare, and begin with that one. The estimated time to prepare the meal should be the time it takes to prepare all of the food you plan to eat, so use it to organise everything else that needs to be done. That way, you can also make the best use of your dishes, which will be probably be limited as well.


Although everyone who likes to cook has their own speciality, our advice is to explore your surroundings. Some of the ingredients for your meal may be readily available in the vicinity, as the Croatian coastline and islands are rich in Mediterranean herbs, high-quality oils, and superior wines that just might make your meal taste even better. You can improve the quality of your food, and give it an authentic local touch, even if you only add a sprig of fresh rosemary you found nearby...

Prepare as thoroughly as you can for the meals you plan to make. Chop everything in advance and prepare as though you have a helper. This will enable you to make better use of your limited space. Be prepared for all contingencies, such as the wind putting out the flames on your stove, or the pot boiling over if an inconsiderate boater drives too close to you and creates waves.

Maja Danica Pečanić
In addition to the cooking itself, you also need to take care of serving. Plan the timing for each course and the dishes to serve it in. This will ensure that the meals are served at the right time, and in the right way.
Steffen Krstinić / I.D. Riva Tours
Complicated as it may seem, planning ahead as much as you can makes everything a lot simpler, prevents problems, and in the end allows you to show off your cooking skills. Which is probably why you decided to read this in the first place.
Bon appétit!