Untouched nature

Untouched nature

Nearly ten percent of Croatia’s territory is occupied by national parks, nature parks and protected areas, and almost half of its land area is covered by forests

Untouched nature awaits you at every turn in Croatia. The surreal beauty of Plitvice Lakes, the heavenly magic of Brijuni Islands, the enchanting serenity of the northern Velebit Mountain, the untouched nature and mystery of the Kornati Islands, the Mediterranean watercolour painting that is Mljet... We could go on for days, listing several hundred other natural treasures, including two strict reserves, eight national parks and eleven nature parks. To be more precise, there are 408 protected areas in Croatia, taking up a total of 8.54% of the country’s territory, or 12.22% of its land area and 1.94% of its territorial waters.


To put things into perspective, protected natural attractions in Croatia cover an area of 7,528 square kilometres, which is nearly three times the size of Moscow or six times the size of New York. In addition, here you will discover the true meaning of the phrase “50 shades of green”, because magnificent and mysterious forests cover as much as 47% of the country’s land area.

Nature lovers will enjoy walking through forests of the lowland common oak, the green kingdom of beech trees, the most widespread tree species in Croatia, the mysterious mountain beauties spruce and fir, and the Mediterranean scents of the evergreen oak, pine and cypress.

This true heaven on earth is home to a large number of plants and animals. According to available data, there are currently over 9,000 different plant species and 24,000 different animal species in Croatia, 1091 of which are endemic. The total number of species and subspecies in the Adriatic may be even higher than 12,000.