Strašna peć

Strašna peć

Fairies and mystical beings have always been associated with secret, out-of-the-way places. One such story relates to the island of Dugi otok, meaning “long island”, which may have been even longer in ancient times than it is today. Legend has it that fairies agreed to split it in half at its narrowest point. They were hard at work digging, when suddenly dawn came and trapped them in a cave before they were able to complete their task. This is the legend of the creation of the Strašna peć cave that serves as evidence of the fairies’ intentions.


The cave on Dugi otok is located near Telašćica Nature Park, outside the village of Savar. The walk through this speleological site begins with a grand entrance that is 10 m wide and 7 m tall, at the height of 70 m above sea level. The following pathway leads you through a channel that begins with a gentle slope that gradually becomes steeper until it reaches the bottom. While you tour the space, you’ll be able to see stalactites and stalagmites that have merged together, decorating the space like the vaults of Gothic basilicas. After this picturesque first hall and the experience of outside light streaming into the cave, you will reach the exciting and beautiful second part, which gives the entire cave an air of romance.


The quiet and harmony of the island’s landscape, combined with the blue sea and the beautiful Strašna peć cave provide an indescribable experience you will cherish forever!



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