Biserujka Cave

Biserujka Cave

Croatia’s karst islands have numerous speleological sites worth visiting too. One of them is certainly the Biserujka Cave, located near the village of Rudine in the Omišalj municipality on the island of Krk. It has been modified to make it accessible for visitors, and is richly decorated with a range of cave formations, namely calcite dripstones, pillars and stalactites. Biserujka is a simple cave that is entered through a pit, with a slightly sloping cave channel. It consists of several underground spaces: the Mouth, Balcony, Shaft, Great Hall, Northern Channel, Arched Hall and Cypress Hall.


The value of this cave was recognised a long time ago – the entrance to the cave was enclosed with a protective gate as early as 1850. In 1913, the cave experienced some modifications for tourism purposes – a little house and steps were built at the entrance, with further adaptations and electricity being added later on. It is considered to be one of the oldest speleological sites modified for visitors in Croatia, and the tourist trail offers easy access and movement through the cave, requiring no special speleological skills, knowledge or equipment.


The lowest point of the cave is 13 metres below the level of entrance, and only 30 metres above sea level. The specificity of this cave lies in the bones of cave bears found in it. These bears inhabited the area at the end of the Ice Age, when the island of Krk was connected to the mainland.

There are almost no temperature variations of the ground and air in the deeper parts of the cave. Its 15°C temperature and 95% relative humidity make the cave a pleasant place to stay.


Although the landscape around the Biserujka Cave is mostly barren and rocky, and may seem dull at first glance, it has some specific qualities that make it worth exploring. This is why the Biserujka Cave and Slivanjska Bay are connected via an educational hiking trail, accompanied by five boards that offer interesting tidbits about the landscape. It takes about 30 minutes of light walking to complete the trail.


Visit the Biserujka Cave, an underground gem of the island of Krk!


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