Imagine that you are taking part in a quiz and you get this question: What is the longest river whose entire course from its source to its mouth flows within the territory of the Republic of Croatia? Which river has its source in one of Croatia’s eight national parks, and whose source is protected as a natural monument? Which river is adorned with the valley known as “the wonderful valley of butterflies”? You victoriously smile because you know that the only correct answer is and announce - the river Kupa.

Antun Cerovečki

The Kupa river connects the karst and Pannonian regions of Croatia, and its 296-kilometre journey starts from its source in the area of the Risnjak National Park. This karst source never dries out, and the water appears at the surface in the form of a pond of an unreal blue-green colour in a deep gorge, surrounded by a forest and high rocks.

The scenery is magical and unforgettable, and access to the source is possible thanks to footpaths, therefore your rafting tour will certainly be enriched with a visit to this location, you will not be disappointed. From the source, the river flows over rapids towards a valley in which almost 500 species of butterflies have found their home, which why it is known as the “valley of butterflies”.


Rafting on the Kupa is organised in the upper part of its course where the river cuts deep into the rugged, mountainous area of green Gorski Kotar, and it is suitable for everyone, from families with children to demanding adventurers. The tour starts from Brod na Kupi which is an hour’s drive from the city of Rijeka, where experienced agencies and organisers wait for you.


The Kupa has enough water for large boats for rafting (up to 10 people) during the spring after the melting of the snow and heavy rains, so if you decide to go rafting at that time you will rush down the fast green river enjoying the views of magnificent nature. During low water level periods you can use rubber canoes or inflatable kayaks, for two or three people, which because of their shape will allow you to pass through places where there is enough water. The experience and enjoyment of “large” and “small” rafting are equally exciting, and besides the rowing, you will be rewarded with swimming and sunbathing on the river’s pebbly beaches. Every contact with the river Kupa will be different. It will slowly reveal its secrets to you, and you will find out why they call it the “highland beauty”.

Zoran Jelača

It is just up to you to come, and leave the rest to the beautiful river and diligent organisers who will take you on an unforgettable adventure.