There is one river which has decided to choose only the very best as its source. The oldest and most famous Croatian national park, Plitvice Lakes, a place of magnificent beauty and, more precisely, the Sastavci, into which water plunges down the highest Croatia waterfall, Veliki Slap (Big Waterfall), is the source of the river Korana. Besides the fact that it emerges at such an exceptional location, the Korana is due to its other characteristics also a typical karst river. This river does not cease to delight you with its changes and on its 134-kilometre journey to its entry into the Kupa in the city of Karlovac, it will change its appearance several times. So in the rainy period and after the melting of the snow, you will see how it swells, stirs up and with a loud roar crashes down the waterfalls into canyons. If you visit it in summer, when it runs out of “breath” and water, it murmurs down the rapids through the valleys or lazily pours over cascades. You will also see how it winds over the fields making small meanders which give a characteristic and famous snakelike shape to its course. At some point this river decides to “hide” from everything and disappears underground but then surprises us again downstream as it appears at the surface and continues to flow as though nothing has happened.

This river will offer lots of great adventures, fun and excitement for everyone, children and adults, beginners and experienced recreationists who will choose one of the numerous tours for rafting and/or canoes.

Ivo Biočina
Even experts, wild water “riders”, gladly set off on this river and its tributaries participating in the traditional RastRaft race which is part of the European rafting cup and is bringing together more and more competitors, and events out of the water also follow it. After a lot of rain, the waterfalls of the Slunjčica river which at Rastoke plunge into the Korana frothing into magnificence and showing their full force, create an ideal stage for the experienced rafters.

In the canyon of the river Korana there hides a profusion of waterfalls which represent the perfect stage for descending in large and small rafting boats, and you can choose between a handful of programmes which have been customised to suit various needs and wishes. Inaccessible parts of the river are passed, some tours are long and more than ten kilometres, they lead you through an impressive canyon, through waterfalls and rapids, also offering you a view of the remnants of a former life – old and abandoned watermills.


For true adventurers and adrenalin addicts also organised are tours of routes which include more extreme parts over many wild and untameable rapids and travertine barriers, on which you will feel the rush of adrenaline and the excitement of this sport. The summer months are the best time for those less experienced rowers with children because at that time the waters of the river will flow calmly and gently shower rafters whilst they enjoy the views of the pure green forests of Kordun.

Zoran Jelača

Get to know the Korana the way it is – beautiful and untouched!