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float down a river!

The once difficult and dangerous descent down mountain rivers because of the transport of wood from inaccessible forests over time has become a sought-after tourist attraction. Rafting on “white waters” is the sport of descending in inflatable rubber boats known as rafts which involves skilfully using the power of a river’s currents and courses and combined human hands guided by the knowledge and experience of a captain, i.e. skipper. Activities of adrenaline excitement have become an integral and recognisable part of the Croatian tourist offer, and rafting is one of these very sought-after and favourite forms of an active stay in nature, particularly during the warmer summer days. Indeed, there is nothing more naturally cooling than several hours of an unforgettable ride down the rapids of a river combined with the rowing and enjoyment of the scenes and smells of the natural ambience which only a river knows to create and offer. Rafting is an excellent choice if you want to socialise with your nearest and dearest because for the boat’s crew you can choose members of your family and/or friends and spend an unforgettable day in nature, action and fun. Even if you decide to come alone, you will nevertheless profit because you will join a group and during your exciting adventure you’ll make new friends.


The rush down the rapids of a river in rubber boats is a real challenge for modern tourists who are looking for excitement, as well as socialising and relaxation!


Be brave and start rowing, unlimited amounts of adrenaline and fun are guaranteed!

What is important to know about rafting?

Although the rivers in Croatia do not belong in the group of extremely dangerous rivers, and those on which rafting is organised are categorised as light to moderately demanding, don’t forget that rafting is an extreme sport and as such is dangerous, especially for the inexperienced. Never attempt to go rafting on your own, your own way, because it is very risky, and in some cases, on some rivers, it is even forbidden.

Where to go rafting in Croatia?

It isn’t easy to decide where to go, but you can barely wait to take on this exciting task of exploring a location because a rafting ride is one of the most beautiful ways of getting to know the beautiful, winding Croatian rivers and their canyons located in breath-taking landscapes. When you experience the power and beauty of a river at first hand, if you were until that moment maybe indifferent about its protection, inside you there will awaken the understanding and wish for its preservation because of this positive experience of rafting.


To help you choose, let’s row together down the Kupa, Mrežnica, Korana, Zrmanja and Cetina and get to know the karst and low-lying beauties which will always gladly host you and offer you their waters and banks, waterfalls and rapids. Enjoy the deep rocky canyons, lush vegetation which hides many “inhabitants” visible and invisible to the eye, whose presence, sounds and colours will enhance your day and make you grateful for this experience. In turn, let’s learn how to listen to and protect them because the rivers are their source of life.

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