Amforište, Pag

Amforište, Pag

The greatest discoveries may be the product of chance; however, perseverance and dedication are also needed. In the Vlaška Mala Cove, which faces Mt. Velebit, a caged amphorae site contains preserved vessels dating back 2000 years; the fate of the ship carrying them is not known, but in the Velebit Channel, the usual culprit is the harsh northerly bora wind. The site is located 1.5 nm from the Žigljen ferry port and is a recent discovery. Diving tips The dive starts in shallow waters along a rocky bed, where amphorae shards are still visible, and leads to the amphorae site located 50 m away. Divers should pay attention to flipper use, as turbidity will reduce visibility. Marine life The site is covered in various organisms. In the sea lace one recognises the unique ornament of the island of Pag – lace. Today, the amphorae abound in life and are home to conger eels, scorpionfish, octopi, sponges. Other sights include an iron anchor, an original amphora lid and part of the ship’s wheat mill grindstone.

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Stara Novalja
N 44 33 59 | E 14 57 47

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