Vela Garška

Vela Garška

The Pelegrin peninsula on the western tip of Hvar is one of the most beautiful and pristine sites along the Croatian coast. Vela Garška lies near the city of Hvar and offers truly interesting sights.
Diving tips
The site is reached by boat and the dive starts with the exploration of the 70 m long reef that does not drop below 30 m and, as such, is a good site for novice divers. A 20 m long cave at a depth of only 5 m is also to be found at this site and it ends in a barren vertical tunnel.

Marine life
This site is a colourful experience and offers encounters with marine life that will satisfy even more experienced divers, even though classified as a novice site. Aside from the adventure and mystery offered by all cave dives, divers will encounter yellow gorgonian, crabs concealed in crevices and the occasional forkbeard, as well as organisms typical of cave habitats – sea anemones on the sandy seabed.

Více informací

Average visibility
N 43 10 55 | E 16 24 22

Main characteristics

Archaeological site
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